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VISA to France


Before making appointments, Applicants are requested to read the following points carefully:
If not exempted from biometric:
Applicants need to come in person to submit applications and enroll biometric at the Visa Application Centre.
When submitting applications, minor Applicants between the ages of 12 to 18 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent (father or mother).
If exempted from biometric:
Applicants may come in person to submit their applications, or they may give an authorisation to someone else to represent them. Representative can be a family member/relative, secretary, a travel agent, etc.
When represented, Applicants must provide a signed original authorisation letter.
The authorisation letter has to clearly mention the name and identification of the representative.
Applicants have the option to use the authorisation letter template provided by VFS, it can be downloaded by clicking here.
Visa categories other than mentioned above may be submitted at the France Visa Application Centre by making a prior appointment, where applicable.

Applicants are highly recommended to make an appointment to avoid longer waiting time in the Visa Application Centre.

Tour Operator
Tour Operator may prepare and submit applications on behalf of their Clients.
One day prior to the submission date, Tour Operator is required to email the list of Applicants to be submitted to the Visa Centre. Download the sample of the list of Applicants here for more details.
If their Clients are not exempted from biometric, Tour Operator is encouraged to make appointments for their Clients to enroll biometric on the same day of the submission of the applications.
An original authorisation letter signed by the Applicant must be provided for each application. Applicants have the option to use the authorisation letter template provided by VFS.
If the Applicants do not show up for biometric collection, the Tour Operator is required to collect the applications and payment on the same day itself.
Book Appointment

When booking an appointment, Applicants are advised to follow these instructions:
The information must be entered in Latin characters
The passport number and series must be entered without any gaps or any other characters
The dates must be entered according to the following format: DD/MM/YYYY
To book an appointment, please click the following link:
Appointment for Moscow
Appointment for St. Petersburg
Appointments can also be booked by contacting our Call Centre.

To book appointments for applying at the Consulate General of France in Moscow, Applicants may contact the Call Centre in Moscow during operational hours.

Applicants may enjoy other optional services which are available at the Visa Application Centre, such as Premium Lounge, travel insurance, courier deliver service, and many others.

Applicants are invited to see more details on those services by visiting the “Additional Services” menu.

Applicants are also advised to check the Holiday Calendar before visiting the Visa Application Centre.

Reprint Appointment Letter

Applicants may re-print their appointment letter by clicking here.

Reschedule or Cancel Appointment

If Applicants cannot submit their documents as per the appointment scheduled, Applicants may reschedule or cancel the appointment before the scheduled date.

To reschedule or cancel an appointment, Applicants may click here.

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